Our Story

Hi there, my name is Emma. I live in Queensland, Australia and am a mum of two beautiful girls, Indi and Ivie. I am the owner and designer of Peggy Road and self confessed homebody. I love nothing more than a comfy outfit and if you add in a matching option for my kids, I'm all over it.

I have always been a creative at heart. Having worked in my own floristry business for the last seven years, I decided to start a new venture and challenge and add fashion designer to my list.

With my love for fashion and matching outfits and a head full of ideas and creativity, I dove deep into the design process and finding a manufacturer who could make all of this happen. After many late nights, early mornings, a few too many coffees, a lot of laughs, most certainly many tears and "I give up" moments....Peggy Road was born.

What started out as a small collection of matching lounge wear, which launched in May 2020, to less than a year later, a beautiful collection of fun, custom designed, comfy (and cute!) pjs for women (with matching options for kids!), there is just about no stopping me!

My mission is to provide all the beautiful sleep wear and while it seems (or rather, is!) unrelated to sleep wear, I obviously also have a huge passion for matching outfits. I will continue to create and design a range of fun (and of course comfy) outfits for all the mama's and their minis.

I look forward to taking you along on my journey (which you can follow on my Instagram page). I share (almost too much) on there, taking you behind the scenes of my brand, family life and the juggle and struggle of mum/biz life.

Emma x