As a new small business, we are still finding our feet with our sustainability practices, however we have taken a few small steps in the right direction. As we grow, we hope to continue to make an impact in more ways.

We are using compostable mailing bags (HeroPack), which are mainly made up of corn starch. These will completely break down within 90-120 days in a home-compostable environment - sometimes even sooner! You can read more information about how to compost your mailing bag here:

If you follow us on Instagram and watch our stories, you would know that we are fairly open with where our clothing is made and share quite a lot of behind the scenes. We work with a factory in China and a small family owned business in Indonesia, who we speak to regularly. Our suppliers have been verified onsite by world-leading inspection companies to ensure safe, ethical, child labour free practices.

We are so proud and happy to announce that we have partnered with I=Change. From every purchase, $1.00 will be donated to one of three beautiful life changing charities.


Our swimwear is made from REPREVE®, which transforms recycled materials, including plastic bottles into fiber. The fiber is then made into fabric which is used to make swimwear and other apparel.